To work well, hard and with the best integrity, intentions and volition to help reduce climate change emissions and to help develop sustainable rural, farming and community development projects around Hemp.

  1. To encourage the growth of the Hemp plant in abundance across Ireland.
  2. To help educate and enlighten the State Sector, The Public, Media and industries about Hemp.
  3. To encourage and help the establishment of new Hemp businesses and especially social enterprises, rural and community development.
  4. To create Hemp focused events that make this process of education and enlightenment around the Hemp Industry possible.
  5. Undertaking necessary Hemp Industry Research and Development.
  6. Becoming Hemp Industry Consultants and Brokers. We wish to provide a very good service to Hemp producers who are experts in their chosen fields by connecting them with people companies and organisations who want advise and help with their own Hemp related plans hopes and ambitions.

CSR Goals

GlasTeo Ltd also has a strong social entrepreneurial and spiritual ethos as the foundation of all that it does. As part of our philosophy we are reinvesting 25% of all and any net profits into education initiatives in the areas we are working in.

This fund is to help develop life skills training, innovation, creativity,  social enterprise attitudes and more amongst a variety of people, from young to senior people at risk or in need of help in one form or another. 

We are currently working with asylum seekers, young at risk people and generally in rural communities that range from farmers to artists who need help with a new path in their lives.

Hemp products, environmental, human, animal and plant wellbeing with real spiritual awareness and integrity is at the heart of all our relationships. We understand and work towards our basic Oneness with all of humanity and living beings from a deep spiritual connection.

The Universal Laws of Dharma are a central part and the foundation of GlasTeo Ltd. It is a part of our DNA. This philosophy is the foundation of all that we undertake, we make decisions based on every stakeholder on this planet benefiting. 


Hemp sequesters CO2 and will also help reduce the amount of methane a most dangerous greenhouse gas being emitted by livestock farmers when they change to grow more Hemp instead of Livestock.

Hemp can also replace the toxic products made by the Petro Chemical and other polluting industries like Cement, Clothing/Fashion, Paper/Wood, Pharma, Farming, Motor/ Aviation with Biodegradable or Eco friendly substitutes.

At GlasTeo we are nurturing sustainable Hemp ecosystems, education, innovations and practices that focus on delivering viable climate change solutions. 

New sustainable industries can be established making up to 50,000 products that Hemp can produce.

GlasTeo will help to develop / advise on any Hemp business or initiative that has the wellbeing of the environment and all life forms at the centre of all that we do.

We are currently working with organisations like Teagasc https://www.teagasc.ie – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority of Ireland to inform and enlighten the State sector concerning industrial hemp and education. To that end we initiated and collaborated with Teagasc and the Hemp working Group on organising and promoting the First Irish Hemp Summit on 20th June 2019 (details on this website) that was held at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashdown, Dublin.


Tara Whelan holds a degree in Business, Economics and Chinese from Trinity College and a Masters in Natural Resource Economics and Policy from NUIG. She has experience in joint venture consulting in China and environmental consulting in Germany.  With CFA institute qualifications and focus on sustainable investing  she previously worked for Credit Suisse and UBS.

Robert I L StephensonFRSA (Dublin, Ireland) is change maker visionary and multi award winning social entrepreneur for his innovative work with at risk young people in Ireland and Internationally.

With over 40 years’ experience in the fields of music, events, tourism, entertainment, multimedia, education and now the Hemp industries.

Robert enjoys a global network of professional, artistic social entrepreneur and youth connections. Robert has great leader, mentor councillor and connector gifts and studied Psychology at TCD Dublin.

Robert is very skilled at managing, mentoring, promoting and encouraging young original songwriters, musicians, artists and event organisers. He has been supporting and empowering youth and many other communities at local & International level to create social enterprises, community and new social capital to help bring about change for the good of society.

Robert is now focusing his talents and passion towards solutions for climate change. Hemp is the crop that Robert believes can offer mankind the single best option as a major part of the solution to our emissions crisis.